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How We Can Help Our Community

In today's community, we are faced with countless challenges, ranging from supporting our families to combating an international pandemic. While so many of us are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay home and keep ourselves and our families safe, millions of people do not have that luxury, some of who are fighting for their lives. To express our gratitude for this blessing and to help those who need it most, please consider donating to combat COVID-19 and save lives, in which 100% of the proceeds will go the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Donation Progress
Our Goal: $10,000 USD

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Who Are We Helping?

By donating to this organization, we are helping our local and global community in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking towards making it easier for such non-profit organizations to gain resources in these difficult times.

What Makes Our Team Different?


We make sure to give everyone in our school an opportunity to join the team, hoping that we can foster their interest in the STEM field.

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While we stay proactive to build the robot in time for our competition, we make sure to make our community better using our knowledge of robotics.

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We work with the primary goal of building, creating, and inspiring our future generation of STEM leaders using our resources.

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Meet our organizers

Benjamin Cameron
Rahul Ravi
Andrea Souzakis
Aryan Vaswani
Senior Advisor
Anil Bhaktar
Krish Parikh

Learn more about our team

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our motives and our goals or to ask any questions.

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Our Mission's Progress

Below is a timeline of how we have tremendously progressed over the span of just 1 year.

  1. April 2019
    Attended Houston FTC World Championships
  2. May 2019
    Community Outreach Began
  3. November 2019
    Trash Sorter Production Complete
  4. March 2020
    Epidemic Began
  5. June 2020
    Our Goal: $10000 Raised
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