Our Cause

Our Cause


Motivation is something you have to send, but our inspiration has no end.

The local East Bay-Area/Alameda County community has given Team 5773 much support, and we want to give back to our community in these times of hardship. We are no strangers of wanting to help the people around us, and this is the time everyone can help. The unfortunate circumstances COVID-19 has caused many local businesses to shut down, leaving many people unemployed, without the money to be able to buy bulk food and resources. We seek to raise $10,000 dollars and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to the Alameda Food Bank as well as weHOPE, an organization working towards helping homeless people. Every penny counts when it comes to helping people. Please consider donating even 5 dollars, the price of your daily coffee, to help the people affected by COVID-19.

Other Outreach Events

In addition to this donation page, we run several outreach events to give back to the community during the off-season as well as throughout the season. For instance, we ran an aerodynamics camp to teach students the principles of flight and how to build the best airplane from foam boards. Moreover, we have made a curriculum for Pythyon and engineering principles classes to teach students over Webex to keep them engaged in educational activities while schools are closed. We look towards expanding our audience for outreach events in the future.

Aerodynamics Camp From 2019-2020 Season
“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Following this quote from Mahatma Gandhi, it is important to note that anyone in this world can make a call to action to bring about the change they want to. We have taken this quote as one of our mottos by creating this donation website in order to make up for our lost meetings. Instead of worrying to a great extent about the spread of the disease itself, we hope to ease these difficult times.

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